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My name is John Nixon and my Internet handle is TheSupercargo. I’m English, though I’ve now lived longer in Sweden than in Britain.

For many years I was a teacher. Now I am a writer, translator, photographer, web-bum and a few more things besides – and not necessarily in that order. To find out more about me, visit this page or follow one of my social networks.

I’ve had a web presence since the late 90s, tried various website forms and various service providers, and now I’m happily settled with WordPress and a Scandinavian webhotel called Binero. My main site was and remains at, but everything I was doing on the web, everything that interested me, tended to clutter things up there. In 2012, continuing in 2013, I started comparmentalising by setting up sub-domains.

At the Quill is my website for writing about writing, reading and self-publishing.

Why At the Quill ?

Just a final word about the title of the blog. When I left my last school teaching post, one of my classes presented with a quill pen and a bottle of ink. It was a nice gesture and I still have both the pen and the ink (unopened). This blog is named by way of thanks to that class.

John Nixon, TheSupercargo

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