Book Lovers – Question 5

Pick one (or more) answers and write a comment.

Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight, Fifty Shades

What’s your reaction?

a) – “It’s fantastic how these series have caught young people’s attention and introduced them to the delights of reading.”
b) – “I don’t call these books literature. I call them derivative, poorly written, commercial dross!”
c) – “I loved reading Harry Potter / Catniss Everdeen is a role model for me / Edward Cullen is super hot / If there is one fictional character I’d like to be it’s Anastasia Steele/Christian Grey.”
d) – “What? Are they books? I thought they were films!”
e) – “But you didn’t mention my favourite series which is…”

A Week of Questions for Book Lovers was inspired by Pernilla’s Questions.

4 thoughts on “Book Lovers – Question 5”

  1. Men du kan ju inte bunta ihop de där böckerna. Nå om du nu måste ha ett svar som inne fattar alla så blir det b. För hälften av dem är uselt skrivna.

    1. Hehe! Thank you for your comments, Pernilla. Also for plugging my question trail on your blog. The short answer to your question – why I listed these books – is, yes, exactly because they are all highly popular series (which have also become highly popular film franchises). I’ve also heard people use all the alternatives, a-e, though perhaps not about all the titles. For a more detailed response, you’ll have to wait till the series of questions is completed and I write my next Blogg52 entry! 🙂

  2. I also say a). I don’t see why those books should be worthy of contempt more than those I read (mass-consumed) as a young person: Nancy Drew, The Fellowship of the Ring (first of about 25 readings at 18-19 years of age), Maria Lang’s detective stories, and, for that matter, “491” and the series of Swedish soft porn short stories called “Kärlek 1-9” (?) which I read when I was around 15, together with “The Scented Garden”….

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