Book Lovers – Question 1

A Week of Questions. Pick one (or more) answers and write a comment.

Which of these comes closest to describing your relationship with books?

You sit in your sofa and look at your shelves and think…

a) – So many books, they are like old friends.
b) – So many books, and so many I’ve not yet read!
c) – So many books! So much dust!
d) – Books do furnish a room – I need more… and more shelves.
e) – Now all my books are on my e-reader I have much more space for my collection of porcelain plates with pictures of kittens.

A Week of Questions for Book Lovers was inspired by Pernilla’s Questions.

9 thoughts on “Book Lovers – Question 1”

    1. Thanks Anna, if it’s otherwise a & b I’m guessing you give away your surplus. It’s a good cause to support.

  1. b) – So many books, and so many I’ve not yet read! Har förmågan att köpa fler böcker än jag har tid att läsa. Dessutom får jag mängder av recensionsexemplar och de böckerna prioriterar jag. Jag måste leva tills jag blir minst 100 år för att hinna läsa alla böcker som ryms i mitt hus. Böcker överallt! Två bibliotek fyllda av böcker. En del lästa, men många olästa.
    kram Kim 🙂

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